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Depuis Montréal,
Depuis 2016


Lydia Képinski channeled her expansive energy as a child into music after having learned classical piano and guitar at a young age. She officially emerged into the world of music during the Cabaret Festif de la relève of Baie-St-Paul. 2016 marked this consecration, where after having released her EP (called EP) on the label Chivi Chivi, she won almost every category she was nominated for at the Francouvertes. Following this, she won the GAMIQ prizes for Revelation and EP of the Year.

In 2018, Lydia Képinski released her first full length album of bittersweet songs: Premier juin. The album embodies an intelligent kind of pop that shines out of Lydia Képinski’s sombre light. Nominated on both the Long List for the 2018 Polaris Prize and six categories of the ADISQ, and winning Pop Album of the Year at the GAMIQ Awards. The album, like her voice, fragile yet affirming that her future holds promise.

For Premier Juin’s first birthday, Lydia decided to entrust some of the most prized beatmakers of the moment with the album for them to give it a new texture. The masterminds being RYAN Playground, Robert Robert, CRi, Tommy Kruise, Odile Myrtil, Ben Shemie, softcoresoft, and Mollygum. Premier juin Remix was born.

After being silent for two years, she is back with the album “Depuis”!

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