dans la famille

Depuis Montréal,
Depuis 2016


Depuis Vinyl

Lydia Képinski Vinyl


This superior music accessory will provide you with a great audio experience. Enjoy the almost lost tradition of delicately pulling out a molded polychloride piece, carefully placing a needle on it, sitting down and anxiously waiting for the moment you’ll need to get up in order to turn it around, quickly renewing your desire to listen to the album all over again. It should be noted that the lyrics for the album songs are not included in the vinyl pack. To receive a complete audio-visual experience, we advise you to purchase the CD-Book.

  • Sides A and B
    1. Depuis
    2. L’imposture
    3. MTL me déteste
    6. Deux jours
    7. Anthony
    8. La saison des huîtres
  • Sides C and D
    1. Vaslaw
    2. Arbol
    3. Anaël
    6. Vacances-travail
    7. Chlorine

*****Due to vinyl production delays beyond our control, your order will be shipped later than expected. Do not hesitate to write to for more information

NB: if you come from Montreal or its surroundings, you can pick up your order free of charge at the Chivi Chivi offices, conditions here
Etienne Dufresne
Helena Deland
Lydia Képinski
Myriam Gendron
Robert Robert


Branding : BillyClub
Design + dev. : P-L Cossette
Dev. : Deven caron