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Coming from the Radio Enfer generation, Etienne Dufresne grew up submerged in his parents’ prog rock, somewhere between Victoriaville and Magog. Very young, he teaches himself guitar in the hopes of impressing his father. Once in Montreal, he infiltrates the music scene as a photographer before fulfilling his own singer-songwriter aspirations. It is only after a series of professional and romantic downfalls that he starts instinctively composing song fragments on his acoustic guitar, that he later enhances using his computer and technology. The circumstances of the moment lead him to follow a very personal writing style and a rather experimental production process. Fuelled by an urge to express himself, his solo project then takes flight.

His first EP Sainte-Colère came out in February 2020 via Chivi Chivi. Co-produced with sound engineer Jean-Bruno Pinard (Les Louanges, Hubert Lenoir, Laurence-Anne, Mon Doux Saigneur), Sainte-Colère offers a first convincing taste merging synth pop and electro folk. Etienne surrounded himself with experienced musicians like Étienne Dupré, Fabienne GIlbert, and Olivier Bernatchez, along with Josh Bonati (Mac DeMarco, Homeshake, Corridor) for mastering. Infused with the feeling of comfort, introspection, and nonchalance, this micro-album paints the portrait of a generation paralyzed out of fear of deep involvement in the digital era. The Sainte-Colère universe is marked just as much by the actual seven tracks than it is by its rich visual identity, ensuring a complete immersive experience. In true multi-skilled millennial fashion, Etienne self-produces his music videos for Copains and Rodage. The EP is praised by the critics, finding its way to Radio Canada’s list of best mid-year albums of 2020 and clenching a nomination at the GAMIQ. The project was promised an auspicious future that was unfortunately halted in Spring 2020, with the pandemic curbing its momentum. The EP launch that was planned around then in the Saint-Édouard church is cancelled, along with many other opportunities, including album launch tours, ROSEQ’s “Rencontre de Printemps”, opening for Pierre Lapointe at the Francos de Montreal festival… Nothing is spared.

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