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After Jamais (j’aurais pensé) and La vie attend pas the Winner of the 2020 Francouvertes competition, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Quebec releases a new single and its video: America .

The fine-tuned yet laid-back indie pop of Vincent Dufour alias Valence is one that is unobtrusively attractive. An amalgam of warm colors and a nod to soft-rock ballad clichés, it melds catchy and cosmic melodies, borrowing its dense sound from neo-psychedelia and its ethereal aesthetic from dream pop. How it all seems so effortless is dreadfully charming.

Valence’s approach is however anything but random, and draws its inspiration from electronic music research and sound modeling. He admits being influenced by pioneers of the method like François de Roubaix, or more recently, Kevin Parker. Producer in the maximum privacy of his bedroom in the St-Sauveur district, Valence nevertheless gives himself the leisure to explore as he pleases, without any limits or pressure. 

Autonomous without going at it entirely alone, the young artist collaborated with Steeven Chouinard (from Le Couleur), Aubert Gendron Marsolais and Antoine Bourque, who – this time around in the studio, not in his room – joined to add their touch to the new track.

His first album “Pêle-mêle” will be released on September 10th
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