dans la famille

Depuis Montréal,
Depuis 2016


Helena Deland shares the intimate, heartfelt, chilling single Swimmer. The song is dedicated to her mother who sadly passed away last year and comes accompanied by a video that Helena filmed and directed using footage taken while flying over the St. Lawrence River via helicopter.

Helena shares: “A little while after finding out that my mother was sick and that our days together were numbered, I went through a fundamental change, faced as I was with the need to reconsider things I had taken for granted. Growing older with her was now an impossible scenario, but I was being offered a suspension, some time to understand and try to change patterns that had been detrimental to our relationship, and to love her how I wished for her to be loved.

I feel that we are in a similar predicament with the world, faced with the climate crisis.

Some losses are too big to wrap our minds around. Here, I am on the beach, watching my mother swim, faced with the immensity of the ocean, of our fragility, riding the troughs of magical thinking and crests of acceptance.” 

“How detailed and hopeful,
how exact
everything is in the light
on the rippling sand, 

at the edge of the turning tide —
its upheaval —
its stunning proposal —
its black, anonymous roar.”

-Mary Oliver, “Clamming”, Dreamwork

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Etienne Dufresne
Helena Deland
Lydia Képinski
Robert Robert


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