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Born in Quebec, Lysandre is a thrilling and multi-talented artist. Playing since an early age, she is a piano virtuoso who perfected her craft at some of the most prestigious training programs including one at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Lysandre has long adopted current music: she collaborates with the British band Girl Ray and has taken part in several other projects like The Loodies. In parallel to her musical journey, Lysandre has also started an acting career in 2015 through Léa Pool’s movie “La Passion d’Augustine”. She received many nominations and prizes for her performance, including Best Supporting Actress at the Newport Beach Festival.

This year, Lysandre presents her first solo music project, the EP “Maison-Dieu”, that she writes and composes herself. It is created around a simple envy: to build protective fortresses in order to heal and reconstruct. The lyrics deal with encounters, reinventing oneself, and rebuilding after difficult episodes.

The 4 songs, each alluding to different mythological characters, are all gathered in “Maison-Dieu”, their very own temple. Just as we find these figures in the famous myths, Lysandre shares models and inspirations that sure are imaginary but strongly rooted in reality.

Perséphone is a Greek goddess abducted to become queen of the underworld, spending half the year underground and the other outdoors. In analogy, the song tackles the idea of comfort zones and how it is actually possible to cohabit with your demons. Symbolized by a deer, Artémis is the goddess of the forest and the wilderness. Through a boiling desire to love, the song is a eulogy to audacity and abandonment inviting you to lose yourself and relinquish the fear of the unknown. A more intimate mythology, Kaïma incarnates the alter-ego, an ally and benevolent lending hand, manifesting in difficult times to help you take action and get through. Finally, in Ulysse, voyages take center stage, encompassing both territorial and internal journeys. Inspired by the Greek Odyssey epic, the song portrays the courage and resilience that arise when facing arduous life challenges.

Lysandre offers us an airy pop sound, full of sound barriers, synthesizers, and enfolding bass sounds. Her songs are true poems with brilliant lyrics, rhythm, and structure, magnified by the warmth and breath of her haunting voice. Guitars highlight these hovering vocal melodies while supporting the synthesizers exhibited in the songs’ foreground.

For this first EP, Lysandre preciously collaborated with Blaise Émard on the production, and Valentin Ignat (Helena Deland) and Emmanuel Étier (Jimmy Hint, Corridor) on mixing.

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19 AOÛT 2021
Vieux Couvent de Saint-Prime * Avec Etienne Dufresne
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20 AOÛT 2021
Le Café Du Clocher *Avec Etienne Dufresne
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