dans la famille

Depuis Montréal,
Depuis 2016


Having spent 10 years making people dance, Robert Robert now has a lot of stories to tell. A diligent student of the ‘school of life’, he has never done anything but music: from Garageband to recording at friends’ home studios, and playing in abandoned warehouse raves to international festivals. His many encounters encouraged him to write in his mother tongue. It is at his home in the heart of the Villeray district in Montreal that he composes his new songs by himself and speaks out for the very first time. Halfway between confessions and fortune cookie sayings, Robert Robert’s lyrics are inspired by his life and those of his friends.

La nuit se plaindre with Hubert Lenoir is a track made to be played loud in a car, ideally in winter with the windows down and the heater maxed up. It is also the first single to come out on the Chivi Chivi label.

Helena Deland
Lydia Képinski
Etienne Dufresne
Robert Robert


Branding : BillyClub
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