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Depuis 2016


Vinyl Silicone Villeray

Robert Robert Vinyl


“Silicone Villeray” is composed of 11 songs. Robert Robert’s album finds itself halfway between confessions and fortune cookie sayings, with lyrics inspired by his life and those of his friends. Beginning in his bedroom, the album gradually took shape with the participation of a handful of exceptional people. “Silicone Villeray” was co-produced between Montreal and Quebec alongside Hubert Lenoir, with the unique touch of Benoît Parent, and the help of Félix Petit, CRi, Marius Larue on mixing, and Richard Addison on mastering. 

  • A side:
    1. L’été je m’ennuie
    2. MP3 pour les fleurs de printemps
    3. Les gens
    4. Indigo
    5. Quand je veux je dors
  • B side:
    6. Manger des coups
    7. Digital
    8. Folie passagère
    9. Plus simple
    10. De quel bois tu te chauffes
    11. La nuit se plaindre (feat. Hubert Lenoir)

Out on May 28, 2021

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