dans la famille

Depuis Montréal,
Depuis 2016


Someone New

Helena Deland vinyl


Someone New is Helena Deland’s first full length record. Written and recorded over a period of two years between Montreal and NYC, it is an album that feels both grounded and whimsical, narrative and impressionistic, and always open to possibility.

  • Side A :
    1. Someone New
    2. Truth Nugget
    3. Dog
    4. Fruit Pit
    5. Pale
    6. Comfort, Edge
    7. The Walk Home
  • Side B :
    8. Seven Hours
    9. Smoking at the Gas Station
    10. Lylz
    11. Mid-Practice
    12. Clown Neutral
    13. Fill the Rooms

Pieces written by Helena Deland.
Produced by Valentin Ignat and Gabe Wax.

Includes download card with songs in MP3, FLAC, and other formats.


NB: if you come from Montreal or its surroundings, you can pick up your order free of charge at the Chivi Chivi offices, conditions here
Etienne Dufresne
Helena Deland
Lydia Képinski
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Design + dev. : P-L Cossette
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