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Depuis Montréal,
Depuis 2016


A composer, producer, singer, and performer all at once, Robert Robert has multiple facets.

Robert Robert describes himself as “hyperactive-creative”, and constantly plays with sounds, words, and images. Montreal crowds have been dancing to his music since he started as a DJ at 16 years of age, with songwriting accidentally imposing itself on him later on, stemming from a desire to better tell his story. He recently started to compose in French, his mother tongue, to reveal himself in the most sincere way possible.

His songs are sometimes ironic, often catchy, and always airy, and they allow the evacuation of internal dialogues through the de-dramatization of issues. Shaped by his musical education over the years through music streaming platforms, Robert Robert carries an eclectic set of influences going from Mac DeMarco, to Frank Ocean, Mount Kimbie, and New Order.  His style more generally lies between electronic and pop music.

With more than 50 shows under his belt in Europe and his homeland (Piknic Electronik, Igloofest, Garorock, Printemps de Bourges, MaMA Festival…), he has raised the interest of many media outlets from both sides of the Atlantic (Inrocks, Trax, Nova, Konbini, FIP, VOIR, Exclaim, Le Devoir…). He also self-produces most of his music videos, and has been multiplying collaborations with Montreal’s scene as beatmaker or producer (CRi, Les Louanges, Lydia Képinski, Laroie…).

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Robert Robert


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